Good Agriculture Practices Promotes Good Healthy Food

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Although you might not put a lot of thought into the groceries that you purchase other than how much they cost and how they taste, it is important to think about how your meats, vegetables and more are produced. Food that is produced through good agricultural practices often tastes a lot better and is a lot healthier for you, so it is important to look for food that has been grown or produced in this manner Read more…

Minimizing The Use Of Hormones And Chemicals In Food

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Finding more organic and sustainable methods of farming and ranching can do much to reduce or limit the risks that hormones and other chemicals may be creating. Short-term methods of food production may allow for greater proceeds and profit, but they could be doing far more damage than you might be aware of. Educating yourself regarding this critical issue and ensuring that you are able to purchase a healthier range of foods may not be a concern that you can afford to overlook. Lending Read more…

Should we bring Back Storing Food In Root Cellars?

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People used root cellars for hundreds of years to store produce gathered at harvest. With its cool, constant temperature and stable humidity, the root cellar also provided ideal storage for cured meats and fresh dairy products long before modern refrigeration existed.

Root cellar storage of items we normally refrigerate today may be less convenient, but the root cellar is a great convenience for safe and effective long term storage of produce such as potatoes, carrots, apples, onions, garlic, cabbage and similar items. The root cellar also makes an Read more…

Texas Wind Farms, Agriculture and Improving Water Quality

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Texas is a worldwide leader in the energy industry. Texas energy companies have found an innovative way to introduce dual use of farms and agricultural areas by producing clean wind energy. This is a benefit to the environment and to those involved in farming and agri-industries. Texas energy companies also focus heavily on improving water quality. Plus, Texas energy companies aren’t the only ones driving innovation in renewable resource development. Residents of this state can Energy Companies in Texas and other deregulated energy markets to find energy cost savings and ways to invest in green energy.

The Interconnection Between Healthy Living and the Agricultural Industry
The focus on healthy living has increased over the last four decades. There’s a clear interconnection between healthy living and the agricultural industry. Today, farming and agri-businesses strive to produce top quality foods that help advance good health regimens. In addition, farms have become the parallel between healthy eating and maintaining a balanced, nourishing diets. Farmers are highly educated in agricultural techniques that help produce larger quantities of healthful crops for public consumption. Farmers and those in the agricultural industry are more adept at overcoming the seasonal obstacles of pestilence and weather extremes that can hamper the quality of farm goods.

Agriculture and Attention to the Environment
Pristine soil, clean water and a generous amount of sun and rain contribute to the quality of farm goods. Texas farmers and agri-businesses understand the importance of a balanced environment for their abundant crops. Attention to the environment is considered a quality standard that is the difference between meeting compliance regulations for highest quality farm goods and products and crop failure. Negative changes to soil pH or water can signal pollution problems. Farmers strive to avert problems before they affect crop results. This ensures farm products sold in markets are packed with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for human health.

Improving Water Quality
The quality of water is affected by many things. Water filtration is one of the most efficient ways of protecting water supplies from contamination. Regular water testing is done to ensure that test results fall well into satisfactory compliance ranges for human consumption and use. However, water quality experts also perform research on contaminant sources to prevent them from entering groundwater, natural wells, springs and other waterways. With regular water testing and filtration, towns and cities provide safe, potable water for a wide range of needs and healthier living.

Pros and Cons of Consuming Irradiated Foods

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One of the controversial methods to keeping meat safe from bacteria is known as irradiation. This process has been used in countries outside the U.S. For several years and is now being considered as a method for use in the U.S. The process involves hitting the food with radiation in order to kill bacteria. The pros or positive sides to this process include the significant reduction of bacteria found in meat and other food products. The radiation treatment appears Read more…

Would You Prefer Your Hamburger Meat Irradiated?

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In the not too distant past there was a lot of discussion about the methods used to kill bacteria in meat. When it was discovered that some meat manufacturing plants were using a form of bleach or antifreeze to kill bacteria, people were stunned. A new practice is being considered by various grocery chains and restaurants as a way to create meat for safe consumption. Irradiation is the process now under consideration by many companies. This method could be used on ground beef as well as chicken. There are several companies which are even posting advertisements Read more…

The Ten Top Healthy Foods You Should Always Eat

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In order to eat healthy, we have to go back to the basics. Food should be food, not over-processed substances made in a lab and infused with chemicals and supplements. Say goodbye to modified and hydrogenated, and say hello to nutritious eating with these top ten foods:

1. Lean chicken – Chicken is a great source of protein without the high fat and cholesterol of red meats. Look for antibiotic-free birds, to avoid ingesting unnecessary medication.

2. < Read more…

How To Take Charge Of Your Bad Eating Habits

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Eating badly has many adverse effects. Your health reflects your eating habits and you can suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and elevated cholesterol. You also have less energy and feel badly when you don’t eat well.

You can take charge of your bad eating habits. The first step in doing this is recognize your eating habits need improvement. Next, get rid of all of the unhealthy food choices in your home and replace them with healthier options to choose from the Read more…

Ten Helpful Tips For Healthy Living

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With today’s rising obesity rates, Americans are struggling with heart disease, diabetes and strokes with alarming rates. Part of this is because Americans have a poor lifestyle in some areas that really tend to plague many people. The good news is there are ways to live healthier and longer.

In looking at the best ways to accomplish a healthy lifestyle there is a mainstay of things that people can do to stay healthy. The top 5 have to do with diet and exercise. More and more people are learning the old adage “You are Read more…